All QualitySoccer programs are designed to improve players in a challenging yet positive and fun environment.  Players who've participated in QualitySoccer programs include dozens of ODP State and Regional Team players, as well as a few invited to National Team Pool training.

Early session activities consist of Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) activities, designed both to warm our players up, and also to improve the general athleticism of our players.  An additional benefit of this training is injury prevention.

QualitySoccer trainers pride themselves in developing technique and ball mastery, and the SAQ portion of the program is always followed by activities designed to improve the players' comfort on the ball and technical execution.  Technical excellence is one of the main goals of all QualitySoccer training programs, as without proper technique, performing at the highest levels is impossible!
Small sided games conclude every session, some with restrictions added to encourage certain types of play, and some without restrictions to allow players to simply apply what they have learned in a competitive environment.  Small sided games allow players to maximize both touches on the ball and repetitions of important soccer situations.

Soccer is a game and coaches attempt to inject fun into each session.  When players are enjoying themselves, their passion for the game increases, leading to future improvement!

Our Elite and Preparatory programs also include a functional element, in which players are grouped with players who play similar positions, giving players the tools necessary to succeed during their Fall seasons. 

The Elite Development Academy, Premier and High School Prep programs are not for the faint of heart!  These programs are designed to challenge high level players looking to attain peak performance.  Soccer specific fitness activities will be included to ensure players are prepared for the grueling season ahead.